Hello from Lee,

I am so happy to announce that I will be hosting another Wealth Creation Vision Quest this upcoming February 20, -, 23, 2017!  Back by popular request since our last one in June 2016 SOLD OUT and many people who wanted to attend were not able to make it.  I am happy to say almost half of the people who attended the first Vision Quest Retreat have already signed up again for the new one in February 2017!  People from the last vision Quest wrote and told me that the Sedona Retreat was the BEST Retreat they had ever attended in their entire lives! You can read their testimonials here.

I have personally made an annual trip to Sedona for my own Vision Quest for many years. This allows me to remove myself from my daily distractions and immerse myself in serious introspective of exactly what I want to create for my future.  I go to Sedona because there is something mystical and magical about the vortex’s energy that brings out inspiration and truth for me personally.   I will share that when I left an old partnership position last year that everyone thought I was insane to leave, not only because of the money but the exposure.  

I had been guided by my intuition when I was in Sedona on my Vision Quest, that to move forward with my true purpose of life I needed to separate myself from the old.  That inner advice has now set me on a new and more authentic life course. I am headed in a direction that I simple could not have gotten without the time-out and desire to connect to something with a much higher vision for myself.

Every Vision Quest I have done has always supplied me with answers to questions I simply could not tune in to in my daily environment.    I want to share this Magic with people who sincerely want more of life and to transform their work and life into something that has meaning and joy to them.  The old paradigm of just working hard is not the model I want for my life going into the future.

One of my foundational, lifelong principles for success is Clarity.  If you aren’t getting the results you’d like or need from any activity, situation or relationship it’s most like because your goals are not clearly defined, to yourself and to others.  Most people are not crystal clear about why they are doing what they are doing or want to do and end up with a confused mess of vague and often conflicting purposes.

All true great manifestors have a clear focal point, and that is the determinant of success or failure.  This is a key differentiator between exceptionally productive achievers and the rest of the world. 

It is my highest intent and desire  to bring other spiritually and metaphysically inclined people and entrepreneurs to a Wealth Creation Vision Quest in Sedona and I was guided exactly how to do it,  with when they should be held and what I should teach.

Once I followed that guidance, the Entire Vision literally fell into place and the most perfect compatible, brilliant people attended and I will be sharing this secret at the event on how to get assistance and answers from the invisible world.  It was almost like magic, the way everything flowed perfectly from the hotel offering the best service to the perfect Guides for the Vortex Jeep tours.  Everyone loved the event so much that almost half of them signed up for our next Vision Quest Retreat in February of 2017!  

The attendees at our last event created a lifetime community of people they loved and wanted to stay in touch with.  That is almost unheard of in the event world!  This led me to create my Wealth Tribe Community private Facebook group where we all stay in touch with each other for support and to continue our wealth building.

So, If you are a Spiritually and Metaphysically minded soul or Entrepreneur I would like to personally invite you to join me again in Sedona, AZ February 20-23 for another life changing and fun Wealth Creation Vision Quest. 

I promise you that this retreat will not be like anything you have ever done before. You will have life –changing results of new clarity of exactly what you want to create and manifest. 

I will share with you universal Wisdom and knowledge that I have learned in advanced trainings with some of the most powerful people on earth about how to manifest a wealthy life.  This Retreat will literally and finally help you break free from your invisible bonds and help you map out a new destiny for you that is in alignment with your true self and your own personalized wealthy desires and energy patterns.

There are only 39 spots available! I have intentionally limited the number of attendees due to the intimate nature of this retreat.

The retreat will be held at the stunning and exclusive L’Auberge de Sedona, an 11-acre Five Star boutique property perfectly situated on Oak Creek in the heart of Sedona.  I have purposefully chosen this location, knowing the nature of this area and how it will enhance the experience for all who join me.

Sedona contains many natural energy centers or “Vortexes” that create spiritual awareness and healing.  The Native Americans consider all of the Sedona area to be “sacred ground” and thousands of people seeking growth and renewal flock to Sedona from around the globe to experience this mysterious place.  This unique retreat will shift your energy and rejuvenate your spirit.  There is no better place to make it happen than in Sedona – a place so alive with energy! For those of you who are serious about Wealth, this retreat is for you!

Do you already KNOW this retreat is for you? Click here to sign up now.

If your life is not as rewarding, fun, exciting or prosperous as you want it to be, then please plan to be with me in Sedona.  It’s time to open your eyes and move past the “money blind-spots” that have been holding you back!  With money comes freedom and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want more of both.

Spend 4 days with me and I will teach you about TRUE wealth creation.  The truth is, there is absolutely no benefit to being poor.  Money is energy and it can come to you in different forms, ways and amounts….but you must know what to do and how to do it.  You need a plan and I am going to give it to you.

We all believe in the Law of Attraction…but I’ll share another level in the process that may surprise you.

We all need money…and I mean real wealth!  I think you’ll find this part of the retreat fascinating as I open your mind to all that is possible and how you can (and will) become rich!

I’d love to have you with me in Sedona…We will have a fun Magical Adventure!  Come unplug from the world for a few days, be with other spiritually inclined, like-minded souls.  Experience a fun and enlightening Jeep tour of the Sedona Energy Vortexes. Tap into your deepest desires and get them clarified so you can become a Master Manifestor.  Learn to live your life fully with more Purpose and Profits!

This is not going to be the “same old stuff” you might have experienced at other seminars.  The only one stopping you from becoming rich or getting whatever you want out of life is YOU!  The clock is ticking, life is passing you by!

Join me for the only Vision Quest Retreat I will hold in 2017.

Sign up now to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing and to get the best cottages at the hotel.

There are additional discounts for Couples, Families.

*Limited spots available



A Vision Quest Of Personal Discovery
and Wealth Creation in Sedona, Arizona

Creating Your NEW Personal Vision Quest of Success and
Financial Freedom With Lee Milteer

Sedona, Arizona is the perfect spot for your Vision Quest Retreat with me. In ancient tradition and Native American culture, the vision quest was an important way to receive spiritual guidance as people sought to find their true purpose in life. It is ceremonial… a rite of passage so to speak…and the insights and results you receive will surprise and amaze you! This event will transform the way you see the world. If you are truly serious about wanting to manifest change and prosperity then this event will be worth millions to you… maybe more.


Typically a Vision Quest is done well away from your everyday routine, which is why Lee has specifically chosen this property to hold this retreat. Complete removal from everyday life is needed for deep communication with spiritual energies and you must secure your own private hotel room at L’Auberge as it will be necessary to spend time in solace and self-discovery as part of this process.


Shifting to the Spiritual – guided prayer and meditation, vision boards, mystical rituals of renewal and other methods will be taught allowing you to move away from fear-based reaction and unhealthy thoughts and ideas that are holding you back and not serving you.

The Power of the Mastermind– tap into the energy, minds, intuition and experience of this elite group. You’ll enjoy the eye-opening experience of the financial hot seats - designed to reveal if you really dare to be rich…and keep you connected to your core message and desires.

I will share Practical and Proven Methods that will change your financial energetic blueprint. She will reveal the secret that has made her more money that any other one thing in her business life. You can use it too!

You’ll leave Sedona Energized and Empowered with a PLAN…you’ll know exactly what to do to bring it to life. Lee is frank, down to earth, brilliantly honest and inspirational. You are in for a treat!


Energize And Release!
My Wealth Fire Ritual

Changing your self-image begins with the mind – but first you must clear the clutter and make room for new energy. Learn special “Lee” strategies to release things that no longer have value or importance to you including how to de-clutter both emotionally and mentally. This is the first step on your personal vision quest.


The Magic of Releasing – We all have mental and physical clutter that is draining our energy and robbing us of creativity and success. Join me on the night of February 20, 2017 as I go much deeper and demonstrate specific rituals for you to powerfully release inner wounds, grief and past life traumas.

Recognizing and Releasing The Energy Of Fear – By living in fear and holding tightly onto everything, including grudges and anger you are shutting yourself off from the “flow of life”. My specific method will end these self-imposed blockages once and for all so you can indeed create the life you really want to live.


The Real Secret Of Manifesting Wealth
Harnessing the Unlimited Potential of Your Mind

I have been referred to as a “Master Manifestor”. We all have greatness within and I believe that everyone, including you, can and will become wealthy if you really want to. You will learn specific techniques from me that I personally use to manifest success, prosperity and happiness every day of my life…that will work for you, too!


Thoughts are Energy – Understanding the conscious and subconscious mind from the perspective of energy flow is critical to success in life especially if you want to attract more prosperity and happiness right now. I will guide you masterfully through this process of developing a “Manifesting Mindset” – the secret to achieving all that you desire in life.

Good News! All of your future success must be envisioned in your personal mind before it can manifest in your life. You are made of energy… and your self-image contains the imprinted energy patterns of who you now are and what you believe. Many have no foundation of truth and are powerfully harmful. You are not stuck with this energy blueprint and I will help you create a new one that is in alignment with your personal energy patterns!


The Power Of Vortex Magic

Over 4 million visitors a year travel to Sedona to experience the magic of the Vortex sites and of course receive the spiritual energy. Imagine a place that is just thriving with energy… energy that swirls and draws everything surrounding it into its center. At some of the sites we will visit, you’ll notice trees with twisted trunks and bending plants… this is just how physically powerful the vortex energy is.

From the local scientific point of view, the energy either flows upward and out of the earth or inward towards the earth. Taking this further… the upward flow boosts the expansion of consciousness while the inward flow helps us go deeply inside, enhancing introspection. All agree that vortexes have amazing spiritual powers!


Visit the main vortex sites of Sedona with Lee on a guided jeep tour as we explore Sedona’s beautiful red rock country and experience the transformational power of the vortexes together. It’s not only personally rewarding but totally energizing. We’ll enjoy a box lunch together and time permitting stop by some of the excellent metaphysical bookstores in Sedona on the way back.

With Lee’s Guidance You Can Expect Deep Personal Healing at the Vortex sites empowering you to move forward on your new path to true wealth and happiness – rejuvenated and ready for the future.

Experience Beautiful Energy – tune into the energy of the vortex as together we tune out our minds and use our heart energy for deep healing for ourselves and the group as a whole.


Overcoming the Poverty Mindset
The Truth About Real Wealth and Happiness

You may be surprised by the amount of time I will spend on wealth creation in such a spiritual and metaphysical setting. It’s time to clear up all the misconceptions about money and finally admit that it’s perfectly OK to be RICH and spiritual too!

You are right where you are in life because it is where you have chosen to be. These words of truth may be hard to take but that’s kind of the way things work in life. It’s a simple fact that the more money you have, the more FREEDOM you have and the more you are able to live your life the way you choose…to help others and do so happily and without fear. I will reveal my own methods, including gone particularly powerful technique that I have not taught before.  These powerful techniques will open your eyes to the majesty of money and destroy any wealth blind spot that may be stopping you.


Unlock the secrets and learn how to attract true wealth into your life. I will offer specific tips and share life lessons that took me from poverty to great personal wealth.

Re-pattern your energy field for personal success! I explain the importance of having faith and explains what you need to do to reach your goals in life. Start to collect the symbols from magazines and newspapers of your vision of success and begin to create your personal mental picture as if it were already happening. We will create a new blueprint for your Conscious and Subconscious mind to follow.





“one time EARLY BIRD* full payment of $3397” (Early Bird Pricing good through October 30, 2017. Save $600)

Pay-in-full Early Bird Participants will also receive my best-selling program “Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors” Valued at $97!



  • Full tuition and 4 days with me - Lee Milteer and my team
  • Special Rituals Release February 20, 2017
  • Personalized Retreat Bag with items especially selected by me for you
  • Guided Jeep Tour of Sedona Vortexes
  • Personally signed copies of my latest books Reclaim the Magic and The Magic of Prayers
  • Continental breakfast provided by the hotel daily.
  • Empowerments, Rituals, Prayers and Wealth Strategies
  • Graduation Ceremony and a Special Dinner Celebration by the creek.
  • Surprise Bonuses!


Lee Milteer Can Change Your Life!

Many of you know and have been guided by Lee Milteer as an intuitive business coach, best-selling author, TV personality, professional speaker, founder of the Millioniare Smarts Coaching Program and the masterful leader of Peak Performers… an Implementation Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs worldwide. Lee is frank. She is blunt and down to earth and she can make you RICH!


Lee’s book, Reclaim the Magic quickly reached “Best Seller” on Amazon in May, 2015, and her latest book, The Magic of Prayers has just been released! Everyone attending the event will receive personally signed copies of these books from Lee.


Lee has helped thousands upon thousands of people throughout her career and shared the platform with well-known and famous personalities like Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Dan Kennedy, the late Zig Ziglar, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Jack Canfield, Ivanka Trump and many more.


She is a Reiki Healer, and well-studied in the Ways of the Ancients and now hosts a Mystery School for seekers of the light and truth. Lee will give you a peek behind the curtains about Mystery School during this event!


“As a seeker of the truth and a dedicated light worker, I have studied in metaphysical mystery schools with spiritual masters my entire life… I was drawn to them just as you are drawn to me. One of my gifts is the ability to take very large and complicated concepts and turn them into easy to understand concepts to share with those of you who are also seeking the light. These tools allow me to live my life each day as a true manifestor. They will do the same for you”.


Lee is not only a successful businesswoman, she is also a talented artist and photographer and most importantly she’s always been a spiritual healer. She is one of the few people who know how to live successfully in the spiritual and mainstream world… and she will share with you exactly how to do it. In recognition of her achievements Lee was awarded the title of Dame (Lady) of the Order of the Imperial and Charitable Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen (one of the oldest orders of Knighthood in the world!) She was also honored for her contribution to mankind, human values and quality of character. For more information about Lee and her many accomplishments, please visit www.milteer.com




Join me in Sedona the February 20-23, 2017 for a massive transformational and empowering retreat. If you are serious about getting rich Vision Quest is for you.

It All Takes Place February 20-23, 2017
L’Auberge De Sedona, Sedona, AZ”


Our last sold-out retreat was at the 5-star, AAA four diamond L’Auberge de Sedona and the attendees loved it so much that we booked it again!

L’Auberge is ideally situated on a secluded 11-acre retreat on Oak Creek yet it is just minutes walk from the wonderful boutiques, art galleries, bookstores and restaurants of Sedona. The newly renovated spa at L’Auberge offers luxurious treatments infused with natural ingredients and the wonderful outdoor pool and Jacuzzi are salt and mineral based – free of chlorine and harsh chemicals. While this retreat is considered an “intensive”, we have scheduled personal time to explore the area. The hotel has granted us the same rates (based on availability) 3 days before and after the event…so do take advantage of this special if you are able to come earlier or stay later. Treat yourself!

Once you have received acceptance to this retreat, be sure to book your rooms by calling L’Auberge directly at 1-844-258-2149 and let them know that you are will Vision Quest Retreat in order to receive our special rates.

Please visit www.lauberge.com to explore the property and all that it offers!

If you have any special needs or questions call my office at 757-363-5800 or email us at leemilteeroffice@gmail.com




“one time EARLY BIRD* full payment of $3397” (Early Bird Pricing good through October 30, 2017. Save $600)

Pay-in-full Early Bird Participants will also receive my best-selling program “Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors” Valued at $97!



  • Full tuition and 4 days with me - Lee Milteer and my team
  • Special Rituals Release February 20, 2017
  • Personalized Retreat Bag with items especially selected by me for you
  • Guided Jeep Tour of Sedona Vortexes
  • Personally signed copies of my latest books Reclaim the Magic and The Magic of Prayers
  • Continental breakfast provided by the hotel daily.
  • Empowerments, Rituals, Prayers and Wealth Strategies
  • Graduation Ceremony and a Special Dinner Celebration by the creek.
  • Surprise Bonuses!


You will receive a full retreat package from my office once your registration is complete. Package includes additional details including how to get to Sedona, transportation options, restaurants, boutiques and gallery ideas, what to bring and how to best prepare for the retreat.

See You In Sedona To Change Your Life and Transform Your Future. Questions? Email: leemilteeroffice@gmail.com